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Take the guesswork out of cooking with Klove products powered by our voice guided cooking and recipe platform.

The Klove platform is all it takes

As the old proverb goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach." And in fact, a shared meal is often where romantic sparks first fly!  Klove aims to elevate your kitchen skills. The Klove voice guided cooking system guides you to cook your favorite recipes like a pro. 

Intuitive cooking timer   |   Conversational recipe walkthroughs   |   Learns your way as you go   |   Personalized to your taste.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!

Now there is more science behind what you cook! And that's Klove. Our AI powered cooking assistant can help you cook better with consistent results. Monitoring and measuring time, temperature and cooking portions; collating these parameters to calibrate and help you plan and cook your meal to perfection.

Voice activated

Speak to Klove as you would to a friend. Keep your hands busy with the food and eyes on what's cooking without having to fidget with screen swipes. Get a smart kitchen makeover with Klove's simple DIY designs. Move up to the next level. Effortlessly.



A meaty portion or a vegan delight, spicy curries or a creamy antipasto. Klove understands your taste preferences and adapts constantly. Spice temperament, allergens, dietary plans and choices, Klove remembers them for you and learns as time goes by.

Interested in Klove?

Partner with us

At Klove, we strive to design products that enhance the cooking experience. Our smart kitchen products are focused to provide not only on 'Ease of Use' but also 'Joy of Use'. We at Klove believe in joining hands with the right OEMs and partners in order to create high-quality yet affordable products to our customers.

  • Klove App: Just ask for a recipe using your preferred voice assistant - Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • Klove Scale helps you measure appropriate quantities of ingredients
  • Klove Knob monitors the cooking time
  • Klove Probe  monitors the food temperature
  • Klove Hub intergates all Klove Products 
  • Klove PaaS integrates third party appliances

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